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A servizio di tutti gli stranieri appena arrivati in città e che non hanno ancora preso dimestichezza con la lingua italiana, un intero portale in lingua inglese dove si possono trovare tutte le informazioni utili per poter vivere Bologna.

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Temporary Lodging (Sistemazioni temporanee)

If you can’t rely on friends or family while looking for permanent housing in Bologna, the city has a variety of options while you look. Short-term accommodations can save you a little money while looking for a place. For more information, be sure to check here.

Glossary of Housing Terms (Glossario)

Sure, you’ve got your Italian down, but there are probably a few terms specific to housing that you might not have memorized yet. Instead of scrambling to understand each term, we’ve collected and explained the most commonly used words used in housing advertisements. You can find our extensive list here.

Other Housing Costs (Utenze domestiche)

On top of finding an apartment in Bologna, which is arguably an arduous task, you must set up utilities. Sometimes you’ll move in and your roommates will already have these bills in their name, other times they will appreciate it if you take some responsibility for the bills. Here you’ll find a list of the utility companies you will end up using, as well as how to set these bills up in your name.

Furnishing Your Apartment (Arredamento)

Congratulations, you’ve found an apartment in Bologna! You’ve set up your utilities and broke bread with the roommates. Now it’s time to furnish your apartment. Check out this article for more information on where to find the right side table, wardrobe or bed.

Neighborhood Guide

Underneath this mid-sized, university town exterior, there are some differences from neighborhood to neighborhood. Just moved into a place on Via San Felice and want to know where the night life is? Check this article out for more information.

Housing Contracts (Guida al contratto concordato)

Much like housing elsewhere, getting your rental contract verified legally is very important. Typically, once you agree upon a place to live, the owner or their rental company will do the footwork of making the lease (contract) legal in the eyes of the local and national government. Read here for more information on the process of housing contracts.

Housing for International Students: SAIS

Each year, SAIS provides support to more than 2000 international students, graduate students, researchers and teachers looking for accommodation, by offering a wide range of housing solutions guaranteed by contract in university residences, colleges, guestrooms and apartments for short stays in the private sector. Flashgiovani uncovers the program’s process here.

Er.Go Housing Service

Er.Go is a regional service established for students of exceptional financial need. The organization helps locate scholarships, grants and accommodations. Housing can either be free or discounted. Find out more about this organization here.   

University Housing (Residenze universitare)

Finding a place to call home when you first get to Bologna can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done! The good thing is that there are plenty of options. If you aren’t having much luck finding private accommodations, or if you just want to be in a more studious environment, university housing might be a good option. Read Flashgiovani’s article on university housing to find out more.

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